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“The middle ages as they ought to have been.” That’s the promise of the Society for Creative Anachronism to its 60,000 worldwide participants. Eyeglasses can be worn, fighters can be female, and anyone can be royalty.

There’s medieval singing, calligraphy, dance, crafting, sewing, cooking, games, fencing, archery, and equestrianism. But for many the focus is heavy fighting: putting on a suit of armour, grabbing a weapon, and hitting people. Fighters slowly progress: becoming a (wo)man-at-arms, a squire, a knight, and possibly King or Queen.

But it’s hard being royalty. The royal couple has to preside over events across the kingdom, meaning constant travel and thousands of miles over their six-month reign. It's a sacrifice and a service. And it's also pretty cool to get to wear a crown.



Cuncti Simus - Instrumental