I spent 9 months photographing 2 trailbuilders as they built a new mountain bike trail from scratch.

I chose 20 photos and made big prints of them that we hung along the trails. I found a place that printed them with UV-resistant ink on a hard plastic material and then laminated them. It took some back-and-forth to make prints that are visible in the dim light of the forest. They’ll be there for about three months, although I’m told they would survive about six. I also made some posters to place at trail intersections which have text that explains what the project is about, and maps to show where it begins and ends. I hired a graphic designer to make it all look much better than I could on my own.

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Evidence of Trail Fairies appeared along the Penny Lane and Good Sir Martin trails on Mount Seymour in Vancouver, BC, Canada between June and September 2016.